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3 min readSep 14, 2023


In a world saturated with one-size-fits-all learning platforms, the need for SwiftSherpas becomes evident. Traditional learning platforms often offer a cookie-cutter experience, leaving learners frustrated when the pace is either too fast or too slow, or when specific topics aren’t covered in their predefined lessons. SwiftSherpas is poised to revolutionize this paradigm, offering a personalized learning experience that empowers individuals to master new skills at their own pace. Say goodbye to rigid learning models and hello to a tailored education journey with SwiftSherpas.

In the fast-paced world of iOS development, SwiftSherpas serves as your trusted guide, offering a wealth of resources and features to enhance your coding experience. To ensure you make the most of our platform, we’ve compiled this concise FAQ to address your key questions.

What Are SwiftSherpas Credits?

Credits are the lifeblood of SwiftSherpas, allowing you to unlock various features and actions. They act as your virtual currency within the platform, providing access to a richer experience.

  • Messaging: Send around 25 messages for just 1 credit.
  • Code Reviews: Each code review costs 10 credits.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Answer 10 multiple-choice questions with 1 credit.
  • Quests: For 2 credits, unlock 9 quests categorized as easy, medium, and hard, and receive a graded score upon completion.

How to Earn Credits

As of now, you can purchase credits directly through the settings page using a credit card. But stay tuned, as we’re actively exploring new ways for you to earn credits through platform activities.

Future Payment Options

Exciting news! We’re working on accepting Monero (XMR) as a payment method for credits. Keep an eye out for updates!

Code Reviews Demystified

A code review on SwiftSherpas is your opportunity for a thorough evaluation of your code by expert mentors. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit Your Code: Head to the ‘Code Reviews’ tab on your dashboard and follow the simple instructions to submit your code, with space for up to 5000 characters.
  • Review Process: You’ll be notified via email when your code is under review and again when it’s complete. Expect a comprehensive analysis of your code.
  • Discuss and Learn: Have questions or need clarification? Easily bring the code review into our messaging platform for further discussion.

Mentor Messaging

Want to connect with mentors? It’s a breeze:

  • Initiate a Chat: Navigate to the ‘Mentor Messaging’ tab on your dashboard.
  • Messaging Cost: Enjoy the convenience of messaging for just 1 credit, providing you with approximately 25 messages.
  • Enable Messaging: If you have enough credits, messaging is automatically enabled when you send your first message.
  • Topics to Discuss: Feel free to discuss anything related to code, quizzes, or the iOS ecosystem, enhancing your learning experience.

Quizzes for Learning

Our quizzes are designed to test and improve your knowledge:

  • Quiz Basics: Each quiz comprises 10 multiple-choice questions randomly drawn from 18 different iOS categories.
  • Starting a Quiz: For a minimal cost of 1 credit, you can initiate a quiz and tackle the questions at your own pace.
  • Learning Opportunity: Incorrect answers? No problem! Learn from your mistakes as questions remain for further study.
  • Completion Reward: Once you answer all questions correctly, your quiz set empties, and for a new set, simply spend another credit.

Unlocking Coding Adventures with Quests

Quests are coding challenges that offer excitement and learning. There is a mixture of data structures and algorithms and MVVM related architecture

  • Quest Access: Find available quests in the ‘Quests’ tab.
  • Cost: For 2 credits, unlock 9 challenges spanning various categories, including data structures, algorithms, MVVM architecture, and practice code reviews.
  • Submission: You can submit one quest from each set of 9 challenges. Once submitted, that specific quest won’t reappear for you.

The Leaderboard: Rise to the Top

Discover where you stand among SwiftSherpas’ community:

  • Leaderboard Insight: The leaderboard showcases the top 100 accounts based on their accumulated points from quizzes and quests.
  • Earning Points: Answering quiz questions correctly adds 2 points, while incorrect answers deduct 1 point. Quests contribute to your score based on your grade.
  • Zero Risk: Don’t worry; your score can’t go below zero, even if you stumble on quiz questions.


SwiftSherpas is your companion on your iOS development journey. With credits, code reviews, mentor messaging, quizzes, quests, and friendly competition on the leaderboard, you have the tools to excel, learn, and grow. Dive in and let SwiftSherpas guide you to success in the world of iOS development!

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