The Ultimate Guide to Code Reviews

SwiftSherpas LLC
2 min readSep 24, 2023

Code reviews are an essential part of the software development process, offering developers an opportunity to improve the quality of their code with the help of expert insights. If you’re new to this concept or wondering how to leverage it for your benefit, this guide is for you.

What is a Code Review?

A code review is more than just a casual glance at your code. It’s a systematic process where our seasoned mentors dive deep into your submissions, examining each line and function. Here’s what they focus on:

- Bugs: Pinpointing any errors or unintended behavior.
- Performance: Identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies.
- Memory Leaks: Detecting any potential resource leaks that could slow down or crash your application.
- Best Practices: Ensuring your code aligns with the industry’s established standards and guidelines.

You’re welcome to submit any single file with up to 5,000 characters for our review.

How to Request a Code Review

Requesting a code review is a straightforward process:

1. Head to the ‘Code Reviews’ tab on your dashboard.
2. Look for the “+” icon located at the top right.
3. Click on it and follow the intuitive on-screen steps to upload your code.
4. Optionally, you can also attach specific questions or provide comments regarding the code you’re submitting.

What’s Next After Your Submission?

Once you’ve submitted your code, our system ensures you’re kept in the loop. Here’s what to expect:

- Initial Notification: An email alert will notify you as soon as your code enters the review phase.
- Completion Alert: Another email will ping you once the review is wrapped up. This isn’t just a mere acknowledgment; you’ll receive a thorough analysis prepared by our expert, known affectionately as Swift Sherpa.

Dive Deeper into the Review

Got questions? Want to delve deeper into the feedback provided? We’ve got you covered.

You have the option to discuss the review in more detail. All it takes is a simple click on a dedicated button, and you can shift the entire code review conversation to our interactive messaging platform. Whether you’re looking for clarifications, have additional queries, or just want to understand the nuances better, our experts are here to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Wrapping Up

Code reviews are a valuable tool for every developer, from novices to experts. They provide insights, highlight potential pitfalls, and help elevate the overall quality of your work. By understanding and utilizing this service, you’re not only enhancing your code but also your skills as a developer. So, the next time you write a piece of code, why not let our experts give it a once-over? Happy coding!